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Women in Wind Race




Artist - Biography

Sandra Hawkins is an acclaimed multi-disciplinary Canadian artist whose work challenges perceptions on the human-environment interface, fluidity of memory and implications for identity. Employing a wide array of materials and processes, her practice spans the visual and media arts including painting; printmaking, photography; video; interactive installations and performance.

Hawkins' artworks are shown in important juried solo and group exhibitions and collections in Canada and internationally. For example, Morocco, Columbia, China, Pakistan, Russia, Hungary, Germany, USA and Canada. Her artworks are also shown in Ottawa where she resides including the Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa Art Gallery, community and commercial galleries.

Sandra is a life long adventure traveler who, in addition, combines this with international artist residencies, exchanging ideas with other artists across cultures and disciplines. Formal artist residencies include the Hungarian Multi Cultural Centre Budapest 2007/07, Banff Centre Alberta 2009, and Vermont Art Centre Vermont USA in 2014. Professional development includes teaching and taking courses related to her interests in contemporary art practices and theory.

Hawkins holds the Masters in Environmental Studies York U., Bachelor of Fine Arts U. of Ottawa, Bachelor of Arts sociology/architecture majors and post graduate studies in sociology of culture and history Carleton U. Sandra is an active volunteer in the arts community and has held many leadership roles to assist other artists.



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