Curriculum Vitae


Masters in Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, York University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, University of Ottawa - 1999

Certificate in Fine Arts, 2005 Premier's Award Nominee, St. Lawrence

Post Graduate study, Sociology of Culture and History, Carleton U

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology and Architecture, Carleton University

Art courses: Ottawa School of Art; Algonquin; France; California; Africa


2017 Water and Navigation Series, Galerie Luz Montreal Quebec, Solo

2017 Recent Studio Works, ASP Gallery Ottawa, Solo

2017 Canada Naturally, Landscape Exhibition, ASP Gallery Ottawa, Group

2017 Shallows and Currents, 4th Carleton Community Exhibition, Carleton U Gallery

2016 Recent Works, ASAP Gallery, City of Ottawa, Solo

2016 Tempest, Nepean Fine Arts League Gallery, Ben Franklin Place Ottawa, Group

2016 -2010 Paintings and Photomontage Prints, Ottawa Art Gallery, Rental & Sales

2015 Ice Floes, Wind Blows, Great Big Smalls, CUBE Gallery, Ottawa group

2015 Arctic Refuse Series, Richcraft Kanata Gallery, 7-artists

2015 Ice Floes to New York City, Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective Gallery (2)

2015-17 Growing up Human & Meaning of Life Theme, Research in Art Project, Ottawa

2015 Sandra's Ancestors - You Are One In a Million, RIA Project Rm. Ottawa

2014/15 Visual Assembly, painting, Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG), Annex Gallery, Group

2014 Selections, paintings, Arts Ottawa East, Trinity Gallery Shenkman Centre, Grp*

2014 Ground Zero, Chinatown Remixed Art Festival, Ottawa - Solo within festival venue

2014 Art & Parcel, mixed media paintings, Ottawa Art Gallery

2014 Visual Assembly, Ottawa Art Annex Gallery, Ottawa City Hall, selected

2014 Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) "Community Exhibition" Ottawa

2013 CUBE Gallery, "Great BIG Smalls", mixed-media acylic paintings, invited

2013 Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) "Art & Parcel" , "Ground Zero Series, polaroid emulsion prints

2013 Arctic Return 2013 - Ecology of Memory, City Atrium Gallery, Ottawa, solo*

2013 Arctic Return 2013 - A Long Journey, City ASAP Gallery, Ottawa, solo

2012 Global Forces Intimate Spaces, Church of the Ascension, Ottawa, Featured

2012 Arctic Return 1981 - 2013, Artiflex Artpreneur Booth, National Gallery, Water Court, invited

2010 Ecology of Narrative Space, Reference Gallery, Queen St. W. Toronto, solo

2010 Paintings and Prints, Gevik Gallery, Yorkville, Toronto ON. Featured

2010 Available Light, curator Dr. M. Korp, National Gallery of Pakistan, Islamabad

2009 Available LIght, curator Dr.Korp, Alhamra Gallery, Lahore Pakistan, 5-artists, Catalogue

2009 Still Revolution, CONTACT918 Bathurst Photography Festival, Toronto ON, juried*

2009 4° HOMENAJE AL AGUA (4th Homage to Water), Extensión Bogotá, Juried*

2009 Reversal, Video 11-minute, Estuary Gallery, Bogotá Columbia. Traveling South America

2009 Deep North
, Transmediale. Festival of Art & Digital Culture, House of World Culture, Berlin Germany
, juried *

2009 Global Forces, Intimate Spaces #2, Rails End Gallery Haliburton ON, solo, juried*

2009 Arctic Crisis #2, City of Ottawa Centrepointe Theatre Gallery ON, juried solo

2009 Global Forces-Intimate Spaces, Marianne van Silfhout Gallery St. Lawrence College, solo*

2008 Arctic Crisis, Ottawa Photography FestivalX, Arts and Architecture Gallery, juried solo

2008 Eros Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art & Museum of American Erotic Art (MaReA), Bogotá, Columbia

2008 Hungarian Mutlitcultural Centre Collection
, Vizivarosi Gallery Budapes Hungary*

2008 SUBA, Vi Bienal De Arte Internacional Corporacion Movimento Artistico Cultural Indigena M.A.C.I. Bogotá Columbia South America - Catalogue - juried

2008 Canadian Interior Landscapes, consignments, Gallery Gevik, Toronto

2007 Liminal Spaces, City of Ottawa Gloucester Gallery, Ottawa, solo,

2007 FlashFlood, Museum of Multidimensional, Video Festival, Arizona U.S.A.* Juried

2007 Sacred Expressions. Anglican General Synod, Toronto. Catalogue. juried

2007 Expressions of the Heart, Tay River Gallery consignment, Perth, Group

2007 - 1999 Consignment Paintings, Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa

2007 Liminal Spaces In Kinesthetic Perception, Shafali Studio Gallery, Ottawa

2006 Salt of Water, International Multimedia Festival, Kaliningrad Russia - juried*

2006 Works on Paper, Oriental Pine, Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa

2006 RAGE Art Party, Ottawa, Group

2005 Big Smalls Show, CUBE Gallery, Ottawa, Group

2004 Between Far and Near, painting & installation, X'ian Academy, China, juried solo

2004 Pedigree for Sale (paintings), National Press Club, Ottawa, solo

2004 Nature's Wintertime, Galerie L'imagier, Gatineau, Québec, juried solo

2003 Insights (painting, installations), Karsh Masson Gallery, Ottawa, juried - 2 artists, Catalogue

2003 Novus, Lost and Found Innocence, Daimon Video, Québec, juried - 6 artists

2003 Video Poem, Tidal Wave International Film Festival, U. of New Brunswick

2002 Painting Consignments, SPIN Gallery, Queen St. W. Toronto

2001 The Business of Art performance installation, Galerie 303, Montréal QC, juried solo

2001 To New York City (photo installation), Galerie 303, Montréal Québec, solo, juried*

2001 Natural View (paintings & performance), Gallery 7, Toronto, juried - 4 artists

2001 Le Rouge et Le Noir (paintings), Galerie Calligrammes, Ottawa, 2 artists

2001 Crime Seen (painting & video), Gallery 101, Ottawa, Group

2000 Casablanca Video Festival, PIM Video & Daimon Morocco Africa

2000 Rendez-Rous du cinemas de Québecois, Daimon & PIM Video Montréal - juried*

1999 Trembling, Gallery 115, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 2 artists

1999-2004 Exclusive Representation by Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa

1998 Paintings & Video Installation, National Museum of Nature, Ottawa - juried*

1998 Screaming Screens, Gallery 115 University of Ottawa

ART DONATIONS - A meaningful way to give back to my community

2015 - 2017 Big Brothers, Big Sisters - Art Auction Fundraisers, juried*

2014 Ottawa Council for the Art, Luck Fundraiser, painting, fair market value $500

2014 Ottawa Art Gallery Auction, painting, appraised fair market value $750

2013 Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre Foundation & Food Bank, painting, appraised fair market value $1200

2013 SAW Gallery, photomontage print, fairmarket value $250

2013 Neurodegenerative Research, organized by CUBE Gallery, fairmarket $250

2013 Ottawa Mental Health Centre Foundation, appraised fair market value $1200

2012 Church of the Ascension Ottawa, painting, appraised fair value $1800

1999 - 2011 Art organization fundraisers in which my donated artworks have contributed hundreds of dollars over the years include: Gallery 101, SAW Gallery, Ottawa School of Art


2014 City of Ottawa Short Term Project Studio (6 months) - juried

2014 Vermont Art Centre Artist Studio Residency, USA (1 month) - juried

2013 City of Ottawa Short Term Project Studio (6 months) - juried

2013 Arctic Return Visual Research Project, six communities, independent

2010 Sabbatical, Market Research, Career Development, independent (3 months)

2009 Banff Centre, self-directed, photography, Alberta Canada (6 weeks) - juired

2008 Hungarian Multicultural Centre AIR, Budapest Hungary (2 weeks) - juried

2002 Gibraltar Point Art Centre, painting, Toronto Islands Ontario (1 month) - juried

1998 Internship, Crossings International Exhibition, National Gallery of Canada (2 mo.)

-------- Assisting artists to install their art: CAI GuaoQiang; Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons;
Lani Maestro, Xu Bing

1998 Ottawa Art Gallery, market survey research, communications (2 months)


2014/15 City of Ottawa Studio Awarded for 6 months

2014 Vermont Studio Centre Grant - Artist Residency in Painting

2013 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance, artspace Gallery

2010 K. M. Hunter Award Nominee by Ontario Art Council and Ontario Arts Foundation

2008 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance, via artspace Gallery

2007 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance, via artspace Gallery

2005 Premier's Award (Ontario) Nominee, St. Lawrence College

2004 Foreign Affairs Contemporary Art Program, via Galerie L'Imagier

2004 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance, recommender Gallery 101

2001 Daimon Video Centre, Research & Creations; 1999 Daimon Residency

1999 University of Ottawa Jacqueline Fry Award Candidate

2004 X'ian Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Collection, China

2004 National Archives/Library Video Collection, Ottawa, Canada

1999 University of Ottawa Library Slide Collection, Ottawa, Canada


2013 Ottawa Citizen photo of painting, Melting, from Arctic Return - Ecology of Memory

2009 Global Forces, Intimate Space exhibition, Brockville Times Recorder, January 6th

2008 Ottawa FestivalX Gallery Guide, Arctic Crisis digital photo collage series, TALK

2008 SNAP Ottawa South Community Newspaper

2008 Vi Bienal Internacional de Arte "SUBA", Exhibition Catalogue

2006 St. Lawrence College, Voyageur, 2005 Premier's Awards Nominees

2005 St. Lawrence College, Voyageur, Alumni Profile, Tyler Forkes

2005 The Spectator, Annapolis Royal, The business of art and the art of
business, putting visual language into words. Carolyn Sloan

2005 CBC Sydney N.S. Business of art for visual artists, W. Bergfeld

2004 National Press Club Canada, Pedigree for Sale

2004 The Ottawa Citizen, Paintings to China and Back, J. Campbell

2004 The Ottawa Citizen, Mending, quarter page photo of painting and caption

2003 Karsh-Mason Gallery, Insights Exhibition Catalogue, ISBN 0-96865078-3

2003 Seeing Beyond 360 Degrees, Insights Catalogue Prologue. V. Tors

2003 Ottawa Xpress, Time for time in many media by Anita Euteneier

2003 Nepean This Week, Video Installation is running Out of Time, Dunn

2002 CBC FM 103.3 Artscape, Visual Art Industry in Canada, by Gary Hay

2002 U. of Ottawa Radio, Dispelling myths re starving artists, M.Caplan

2001 U. of Ottawa Radio, Gallery 101 Crime Scene exhibition, M.Caplan

2001 Ottawa Citizen, Teaching artists about the bottom line, J.Campbell. Photo L. Ball

1999 Le Doit, Techniques d'une matière consacrée, Le rouge et le noir Bégin.



- Business of Art -Visual Artists in Canada, Fourth Edition, c. 2012
ISBN 978-0-9731049-2-9

- The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, Third Edition, c. 2005

ISBN 0-9731049-1-0. This edition is still available at Wallack's Ottawa

- The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, Second Edition, c. 2002

- The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, Course Syllabus c. 2000

- For consideration by curators

©1981-2007 Dark Time. Environmental interface. Photographs & Journals

©2007 Suspended Riverbed. Kinesthetic investigation. Layered boxes

©2007 Trees Interrupted. Suspended kinesthetic painting installation

©2007 Reversal. Video installation, expressions in kinesthetic perception

©2007 Golden Pond. 2 min
. Mandela metaphors for spiritual-nature connection

©2007Reversal. 2-minute DVD. Rushing reversal of glacier waters

©2004 Architecture of Absence. Photo-based installation, NYC Trade Centre

©2004 Nature's Winter Time. Floor projection deconstructs and reinvents images

©2003 River's Residue. Kinesthetic investigation. Floor boxes at intervals

©2003 Out of Time. Interactive video installation. Kinesthetic investigation of seeing beyond peripheral 360-degrees. Slippage between past present and future

©2003 Out of Time. 5-minute DVD. Every day ritual acts at a burial are repeated five times, a number with spiritual significance. Bridging mortality

©2001 To New York City. Photo-based installation. Kinesthetic investigation examines containment and resistance to letting go

©2001 Lost & Found Innocence. 5-minutes DVD. Performance-based video

©2001 The Business of Art. Performance & Installation. Theme: aesthetic preferences and identity, exchange, that which does not fit

©2000 Human Bytes. 2-minutes, DVD. Compression of the human spirit

©2000 Signs of Refraction. Floor projection. Consciousness & distorted truth

©1998 Nature's Winter Time #1. Video table projection, Identity versus social perception.


2009 Carleton University, Professor, Contermporary Visual Art Discourse: how we see and human identity, Initiatives in Education Program

2000 - PRESENT Freelance workshop design & delivery, Business of Art for
Visual Artists, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories

2004 X'ian Academy of Fine Arts, China. Lecturer, Contemporary Art in Canada,

2004 X'ian Institute of Technology, China. Lecturer, Canadian Visual Art Industry,

2001 University of Ottawa, Professor, Arts Administration Certificate Program

2000 Algonquin College - Business of Art for Visual Artists

1999 - 2000 Ottawa Carleton School Board Continuing Education


2001 -2012 Author/publisher, The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, 4th ed
ISBN 978-0-9731049-2-9

2003 Art Review, Delicate Boundaries, video by Kate Craig ©1979 published by Canadian Medical Association Journal arts column.

2001 Art Review, Death/Noire by P. Couillard , Gallery 101, performance-art

2001 Art Review, Hybrid Home Painting, Video Corridor, Kevin Ei-ichi Deforest

2001 - 2002 Board of Directors, CARFAC Ontario, Canadian Artists Representation.
National Council Affiliate Member - Governance Issues.


1999 -2014 Artist Talks for all solo exhibitions listed above.

2007, 2009, 2014 Artist Presentations to Artist Residencies listed above.

2001 Key Note Speaker, National Conference and Round Table. Managing Your Career in the Arts, Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)

2000 - 2001 Public Speaking to Ottawa artist groups such as the Ottawa Mixed-Media Association; Centre 454 Bytown Art Group; and Art East -Ottawa.

2000 - 2001 Panelist Speaker & Exhibitor, Careers in the Arts Fair, Carleton


2016 - Nepean Fine Arts League (NFAL)
5 - Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective
2015 - present - Canadian Artist Society
Elected Member
2012 - present PAL Ottawa
(Performing Arts Lodge) - founding member
2010-2012 -
City of Ottawa Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committee
1999 - present CARFAC Ontario -
Board Director 2001-02.
2000 - Member and Juror, SAW Gallery, Artist-run Centre
1999 - 2001 Board of Directors, Personnel Policy, Gallery 101, Ottawa
Current Memberships: Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa Council for the Arts


- Ongoing multimedia practice & aesthetic Investigations
- Theoretical research and discu
ssion - Member of RIA, Research in Art
- Analytical and persuassive funding and exhib
ition proposal writing
- Museological researc
h and discussion
Teaching, lecturing, public speaking


09 - 2012 Arts, Heritage and Culture Advisory Committe City of Ottawa
1990 - 1997 Senior Social Policy Advisor & Evaluator, Indian Affairs
1982 - 1990 Co-ordinator Native Program Policy, Heritage Canada (today)
1989 .............Project Manager, Health Co-ops, Agriculture Canada
1980 - 1982 Health Educator, Northwest Territories, Health Canada
1980............. National Facilitator, National Association Native Friendship Centres
1975 - 1980 Freelance Consultant, Social Research and Development

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