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The Business of Art - Visual Artists in Canada,
Fourth Edition, c. 2012.
Print = ISBN 978-0-9731049-2-9
Available Soon, Ebook = ISBN 978-0-9731049-3-6

Audience: This text book targets independent visual artists in Canada and abroad. It also targets educators, curators, arts administrators and cultural workers. The Table of Contents (PDF) lists 9 chapters, all topic headings, bibliography, and appendices.


  • Soft-cover, acetate protectors. Perfect for the studio.
  • Spiral bound. Leaves hands free while reading.
  • Blank adjacent pages for sketches and notes beside topic headings.
  • 11 by 8.5 inches, 57 pages
  • Headings for each topic listed in The Table of Contents by page number
  • Point-form written style for fast access to substance.
  • Exercises outlined for each chapter.
  • Photographs and artwork by Sandra Hawkins
  • Bibliography with corresponding ISBNs



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