Please contact the above email address to become a distributor of the book, The Business of Art - Visual Artists in Canada, Fourth Edition, c.2012

For purchases please order at Business of Art

Current retailers with books in stock


  • Wallack’s Art Supplies, 231 Bank St. Ottawa 613 234-1800 - 3rd edition only.

Outlets where the book has been sold

  • Arts and Architecture Gallery, Ottawa ON
  • David Mirvish Books, Toronto, ON. 416 531.9975
  • Coutt’s Library Services, Niagara Falls, ON. 1800 263.1686
  • Omer de Serre, Ottawa Orleans and Toronto ON
  • Visual Arts Nova Scotia, Halifax, N.S. 1.866.225.8267
  • The Book Keeper, Book Store, Sarnia, ON. 519 337.3171
  • COOP UQAM - Librairie J-Jasmin, Montréal. 514 987.3000 ex.1044
  • V&L Information Resources Corp. (905) 940.9809
  • Raincoast BookExpress, Vancouver, B.C. 1800.663.5714 (no longer handles special orders for AMAZON.CA Books)
  • McNally Robinson Book Sellers, (out of business)



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