Multimedia Arts

All artworks seen on this site come from a deeply personal place. Process and results inform my consciousness of what they are about for me. I intend that aesthetic spaces are open-ended allowing mystery and room for visitor interpretation.

Critical examination across multimedia works shows a language that uses metaphors of materials, gesture and juxtaposition of elements. Water in its various shifting states is often used in my work as metaphor for the life cycle, spirit or source, and that which cannot be contained as in transcendence. The materials of the satin upholstered oak boxes of Suspended Riverbed and River’s Residue resonate for many with rites of passage rituals or holding something precious as in resistance to mortality. These works and others referencing mortality, such as Out of Time, were inspired by the deaths of family members, pets and friends all within a short time, reinforcing awareness of my mortality and vulnerability.

The space between elements is as interactively important to meaning of the whole as are the metaphors embedded in the materiality of elements. With the act of movement, we perceive the whole through experiencing that space. The space between installation elements and in the movements of the videos creates room for imagination, and perhaps a new meaning of interconnections.
Multimedia artworks participate in the ongoing discussion on human identity and how we see ourselves in space with implications for human-environmental interface discussions.


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