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Sandra Hawkins (Canadian)
Based in Ottawa with exhibitions and artist residencties across Canada and internationally. Paintings, photography/videos and installations resonate the dynamic impacts of climate change on place identity.

Inspirations include first-hand observations of global warming impacts on coastal ecologies in the High Arctic international territory of Svalbard Archipelago, and Canadian Nunavut and Northwest Territories coastal communities.

A leisure sailor and kayaker, Hawkins is acutely aware of challenges in navigating water corridors. She often uses nautical charts/maps of The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway to contribute to the narratives within her work.

International artist-residencies contribute to interdisciplinary and cultural exchanges. These include Banff, Arctic Circle Arts & Sciences Expedition Svalbard, Canadian Arctic Communities, Vermont Artist Centre, Hungarian Multi Culture, and Gibralter Point Toronto.

Hawkins is author and teacher of The Business of Art - Visual Artists in Canada, four editions. Her practice related books include Sailing The Top of The World, drawn from her presentations by the same title inspired by her Arctic Circle research, on land and by sailing expedition.

During more than twenty-years as a professional artist, Hawkins has taught at Algonquin College (Business of Art), University of Ottawa (Arts Administration), and Carleton University (Contemporary Art Discourse). Her volunteer activism within the arts community includes memberships and leadership positions at all levels with Canadian Artists Representation/LeFront des artistes Canadiens (CARFAC), with artist-run centres, and many art associations including Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists 2014 & 2020.




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