Multimedia Artist Statement (2021) :

My multimedia art challenges discussions on the intersections of climate disruptions to local and global shoreline ecologies and changing contemporary identity. Working across mediums and disciplines, I've developed a unique visual language using light, shadow, colour and juxtaposition of elements, whether on a flat surface or using a three-dimensional space. The materiality of everyday objects used in my installation narratives contributes to nuanced meaning of the whole. I intend that meaning is open-ended allowing room for mystery and resonance at deeper levels than is possible by science data media sound bites.

Water in its various shifting states is often used in my work as metaphor for the life cycle, spirit or source, and that which cannot be contained. Other motifs used in paintings and video-projections installations include wrapped boats that are stored on-shore, calving glacier fronts, prehistory artefacts, river dams, nautical navigation maps, plastic bottles, repetition of rectangular and grid shapes. Locations referenced include the Arctic Circle, St. Lawrence Seaway and Ottawa River is tributary.


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