Visual Arts

Artist Statement (2021): My multimedia art challenges discussion on the intersections of climate disruptions to local and global shoreline ecologies. I work across mediums and disciplines in painting, photography, video and installation, one aesthetic informing the other. Conceptual and expressionist at the same time, my use of light, shadow, and juxtaposition of elements is important to nuanced meaning. I seek to create inspirational spaces that resonate open-ended ecological narratives into which the visitor brings their own interpretation, and may sometimes participate as creator. In many ways, I feel my practice forges new aesthetics in the genre of "landscape art" with a focus on the nexus of inner and outer being, as in we are one with the environment including all species, earth, light, wind and water. Consistent motif themes include references to Arctic glaciers melting, nautical navigation cartography of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Ottawa River, and wrapped boats stored ashore.







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