Teaching Resume

  • Masters in Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, York University
  • Post Graduate, Sociology of Culture and History, Carleton University
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, University of Ottawa, 1999
  • Certificate in Fine Arts, St. Lawrence College, 1997
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Architecture, Carleton University
  • Developing Learning Activities for Adults, St. Francis Xavier U., N.S.


  • Business of Art for Carvers, Fibre Artists and Printmakers, Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, 2013

  • Knowing Your Art - Pushing Boundaries, Workshop, Ottawa 2012

  • Mid Career Business of Art for Visual Artists Seminar/Workshop, Ottawa 2009
  • Contemporary Visual Art Discourse: how we see and human identity. Learning in Retirement, Initiatives in Education Centre, Carleton U. 2009

  • The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, B.O.A.T. Business of Art Training Inc. - a series of twelve, two and five-day workshops held at University of Ottawa, Ottawa Council for the Arts, 2000-2006

  • Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, a series of four two-day workshops in Halifax (2), Annapolis Royal and Sydney. Visual Arts Nova Scotia. 2006

  • Contemporary Visual Art in Canada, Xi'ian Academy of Fine Art, China. In conjunction with a solo exhibition of my paintings, photograph and videos at the Xi'ian Academy Gallery, China. 2004

  • Contemporary Visual Art in Canada, Xi'ian Institute of Technology and Design, China (see photos below). 2004

  • Introduction to Legal and Economic Structures of Arts Administration in Canada. Visual Arts, Theatre and Music. University of Ottawa. 2001

  • Business of Art, two-day workshop, Art Kolectif Media, Ottawa 2003.

  • Getting it Together, Developing Your Business of Art, Media & Design, Algonquin College. 2000 and 2001

  • Art Smart, The Business of Art, Brookfield Highschool, Continuing Education, Ottawa-Carleton School Board. Four 6-week courses 1999 to 2000.


  • Hot Tips for Collecting Art, Living Art Festival, Rails End Gallery, Halliburton Ontario. 2008

  • Life Drawing Direct Painting Demonstration, Xi'ian Academy of Fine Art, Xi'ian China. 2004

  • Topics in The Business of Art, Ottawa Mixed-Media Association. 2003

  • Mixing Colour Pigments, Demonstration, Centre 454 Bytown Art Group. 2001

  • Managing Your Career in the Arts, Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), National Conference and Round Table. 2001

  • Photo Documentation of Artwork, Centre 454 Bytown Art Group. 2001

  • The Business of Art for Visual Artists, Panelist and Exhibitor, Careers in the Arts Fair. 2000 & 2001

  • How to Research Aesthetic References for Visual Artists, Slide Presentation and Talk, Art East Artists Association. 2000


  • The Business of Art - Visual Artists in Canada, Fourth Edition ©2012 by Sandra M. Hawkins, Author and Publisher, Textbook. ISBN 978-0-9731049-2-9

  • The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, Third Edition, ©2005 by Sandra M. Hawkins, Author and Publisher. Textbook. ISBN 0-9731049-1-0

  • The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, 2nd ed., by Sandra M. Hawkins, Author and Publisher. Textbook ISBN 0-9731049-0-2 ©2002.

  • The Business of Art for Visual Artists Course Syllabus, Author and publisher, ©2000


  • SOLO EXHIBITIONS: in Canada, United States, Colombia, China, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Morroco. Jury process. 1998 to 2009.

  • Self Directed Creative Residency, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta Canada, 2009.

  • International Artist Residency, Hungarian Multicultural Centre (HMC), Budapest Hungary, 2008.

  • Ontario Exhibitions Assistance awards on recommendations of galleries. 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2009, 2009.
  • Foreign Affairs Canada Assistance on recommendation of galleries.

  • Corporate and private collections in Canada and Internationally.

  • Premier’s Award Nominee by St. Lawrence College for demonstrated excellence in the field of creative arts and contribution to the community and the province as a whole. 2005.

  • National Gallery of Canada, Crossings Contemporary Installations Exhibition, Internship. 1998.

  • Ottawa Art Gallery, Communications Survey Research, Internship, 1998.

  • Boards of Directors for CARFAC Ontario and National; and Gallery 101, Artist-Run Centre.


  • 2009  Available Light, Exhibition Catalogue by Dr. M. Korp, essay by M. Schreier. Pending

  • 2009  ‘Arctic Crisis’ portrayed in photomontage by Joyce MacPhee, Epoch Times Ott. 09/09

  • 2009  Exhibition features photomontage of past and present images, Nepean This Week 09/09

  • 2009  New Exhibition at SLC, Recorder & Times Newspaper St. Lawrence EMC Jan 10 ed.

  • 2009 Photo, Arctic Crisis Series #7, The Ottawa Citizen, January 10th ed.

  • 2008 Photo, Arctic Crisis, SNAP Ottawa Downtown, September ed.

  • 2008  VI Bienal Internacional de Arte, “SUBA”, Exhibition Catalogue

  • 2007  'Liminal Spaces' exhibit takes art to higher level by J. Donnelly East Ottawa Star
  • 2007 'Blank' space filled with imagination and perceptions, Artist finds inspiration in environment by K. Mannix Vermette Ottawa Metro 07/07

  • 2007  Nepean artist has work featured at gallery in Orleans, M. Nunn, Nepean This Week
  • 2007 Sacred Expressions, by S.J. La Rocque. Anglican General Synod. Catalogue
  • 2006  "Salt of Water" International Multimedia Festival, Museumof World Ocean Russia
  • 2006 2005 Premier's Awards Nominees by F.Lockington, Voyageur Magazine, St. Lawrence College
  • 2005 Artist Alumni Profile, by Tyler Forkes for Voyageur Magazine, St. Lawrence College
  • 2005 The business of art and the art of business, putting visual language into words by Carolyn Sloan. The Spectator, Annapolis Royal
  • 2005 Business of art for visual artists, by W. Bergfeldt with CBC Sydney N.S.
  • 2004  Pedigree for Sale National Press Club Review, Ottawa Canada
  • 2004   Paintings to China and Back, by J. Campbell, The Ottawa Citizen
  • 2004  Mending, quarter page photo of painting, The Ottawa Citizen, 07/04
  • 2003  Insights Exhibition Catalogue City of Ottawa, Karsh-Mason Gallery, , ISBN 0-       9686507-8-3. Prologue by Vivian Tors. Images, text, 11/03
  • 2003 Time for time in many media Ottawa Xpress, by Anita Euteneier, 03
  • 2003  Video Installation is running Out of Time, Nepean This Week, Derek Dunn
  • 2001  Visual Art Industry in Canada, CBC FM 103.3 Artscape, , by Gary Hay
  • 2002 Dispelling myths re starving artists, CHUO Radio, M. Caplan
  • 2001 Gallery 101 Crime Scene exhibition, CHUO Radio, M. Caplan
  • 2001 Teaching artists about the bottom line, Ottawa Citizen, J. Campbell
  • 2001  Techniques d’une matière consacrée, Le rouge et le noir Bégin, Le Doit
  • Books and Art Reviews by Hawkins ©
  • 2005 The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists, 3rd ed. ISBN 0-9731049-1-0
  • 2003 Delicate Boundaries by Kate Craig ©1979, Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • 2001 Death/Noire by P. Couillard , Gallery 101, performance review
  • 2001 Hybrid Home Painting, Video Corridor, Kevin Ei-ichi Deforest
  • 2002 The Business of Art for Canadian Visual Artists 2nd ed. ISBN 0-9731049-0-2

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