• This is a very educational workshop - educational and yet encouraging. There are so many procedures and possibilities I tend to get overwhelmed, but this information gave me something concrete to move forward with and inspired me to dream big.
  • The intimate structure worked very well as we were able to learn from each other in addition to the instructor. The workbook was well set-up for taking notes.
  • This workshop gave me permission to state to myself that I am an artist, without apology. It also gave me some tools to start thinking about myself as an artist.
  • Very useful insight gained during the role-play exercise re talk about my artwork.
  • Worthwhile. Lots to think about. Good to make contact with other artists.
  • The thing I found most useful: knowing my art, my identity and the power of cohesion! As a vehicle to keep me focused for moving forward.
  • The break down of all the steps, and then presenting those steps in a logical order, helped me see into the future very clearly. There are still lots of things I need to learn, but now I have an excellent framework.
  • I would absolutely advise artists to take the workshop. Most useful: “how to negotiate the prices with gallery owners and assistants.
  • The role-play exercise - Very professional. Very insightful. Great amount of constructive criticism. The accumulation of the tools we learned about one day, and two being put into practice on the third day really cemented the whole experience.
  • The information I received has helped to put a lot of things into perspective and now I have a better idea of how to proceed.
  • Most useful was: the empowerment that the workshop has given me to focus my mandate as an artist and providing me with the proper tools and resources to create a new market plan for my art.
  • The workshop was a transformative experience for me. I have a better idea of who I am/would like to be as an artist, and I think this has to do with understanding the general structures, types of institutions/organizations and procedures that exist in the Canadian art market. Now that I understand the general layout, I can define my practice and goals with more clarity and confidence. Ottawa
  • This course has been invaluable to me. It was well organized and gave me a sense of the big picture. I have a much clearer vision now of what I wish to accomplish and how to go about it.
  • This course was very worthwhile. Because my business was established in the U.S. and I recently moved to Canada, I was interested in Learning more about how things are done here. This was helpful. I am glad I attended."
  • Great general introduction to the Business of Art. Very thorough.
  • I highly recommend this workshop for any artist looking for understanding of the art context and complexity. I found this course and especially Sandra's knowledge a great resource.
  • I loved your workshop. Thoughtful, insightfull and informative.
  • I would like to take what I've learned and come back to the course again later.

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